WASHINGTON POST: Pro-Warren progressive group raises $1 million for midterm candidates

A liberal grassroots group that represents “the Elizabeth Warren wing of the Democratic Party” announced Wednesday that it has raised $1 million for Warren’s allies and other progressive candidates in the 2014 midterms.

The Progressive Change Campaign Committee announced its fundraising milestone on the opening day of the Netroots Nation conference, an annual gathering of liberal activists being held this year in Detroit, where Warren will deliver a keynote address on Friday.

The group plans to use its war chest, most of it was raised in small-dollar donations, to help an array of Senate and House candidates who espouse the economic populism championed by Warren.

THE ATLANTIC: The Left’s Quiet Advance in Democratic Primaries

Victories like these have led the Progressive Change Campaign Committee to declare vindication for its view that Democrats win when they campaign on a platform of muscular liberalism. “A message of economic populism is what actually excites voters and drives them to the polls,” Adam Green, PCCC’s co-founder, told me. “Democrats are shooting themselves in the foot if they don’t embrace it.”

PCCC supported the winning candidates in these races and funneled donations to them. The group also supported an incumbent California congressman, Mike Honda, who faced a challenge from a former Obama administration appointee, Ro Khanna; Honda finished 22 points ahead of Khanna, but the two will face off again in November thanks to California’s nonpartisan primary system. And in a fourth primary, the free-for-all battle for the California seat vacated by retiring Representative Henry Waxman, the group didn’t endorse a candidate but urged its members to vote against former Los Angeles Controller Wendy Greuel, a former Republican whom they painted as supported by corporate interests. Greuel lost to Ted Lieu, whose message of raising wages and easing student debt progressives applauded.

THE WASHINGTON TIMES: Elizabeth Warren assumes helm of populist wing of Democratic Party

The increasingly powerful Progressive Change Campaign Committee is pushing Democratic candidates closely aligned with Ms. Warren’s views while hawking T-shirts with the message: “I’m from the Elizabeth Warren wing of the Democratic Party.”

The campaign committee and other progressive groups have made clear that Democrats running for president in 2016 — including the party’s presumed front-runner, Hillary Rodham Clinton — will be judged against Ms. Warren.

“The Elizabeth Warren wing of American politics is on the rise. From the moment Elizabeth Warren set foot in Washington, she changed the national conversation by fearlessly standing up to powerful interests on behalf of everyday people — fighting to make college affordable, expand Social Security benefits, and reform Wall Street,” said Adam Green, co-founder of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee. “President Obama and Democratic candidates nationwide are embracing Warren’s economic populist message because it is popular with Americans and is what our nation needs.”

UPI: Elizabeth Warren heads to Ky. to take on McConnell over student loans

A furious Elizabeth Warren is heading to Kentucky to take Mitch McConnell to task for leading Senate Republicans in blocking her bill allowing refinancing on student loans.

The Progressive Change Campaign Committee, which has coordinated with Warren on a series of events supporting the student loan bill, gathered nearly 85,000 signatures to deliver to Congress in support of the legislation.

“Any Republican who voted against this bill voted against students and voted against our economy,” said Stephanie Taylor, co-founder of PCCC. “They just handed Democrats a huge opportunity. Progressive candidates are already campaigning all over the country on this issue.”

THE AMERICAN PROSPECT: Progressives Win Big In Democratic Congressional Primaries

On Tuesday, in competitive primaries from New Jersey to Iowa to California, voters chose bold progressive Democrats over more conservative and corporate Democrats, handing big victories to the “Elizabeth Warren wing” of the Democratic Party.

Indeed, it was Progressive Super Tuesday. And it is the latest chapter in a larger story we’ve seen play out in American politics since the Wall Street economic wreck.

There’s a rising economic populist tide in America, sweeping into office leaders like Senator Warren, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, and a growing bloc of progressives in Congress.

THE HUFFINGTON POST: Progressive Candidates Reap Big Gains In Primaries

In the New Jersey Democratic primary, state Assemblywoman Bonnie Watson Coleman defeated state Sen. Linda Greenstein in the race to replace retiring U.S. Rep. Rush Holt (D), taking 42 percent of the vote to Greenstein’s 28 percent. Watson Coleman won by yoking Greenstein to Gov. Chris Christie (R).

In California’s open primary, state Sen. Ted Lieu knocked out fellow Democrat and former Los Angeles mayoral candidate Wendy Greuel in the run for the seat held by retiring U.S. Rep. Henry Waxman (D). Lieu came in second with 19 percent of the vote; Greuel was third with 16.8 percent. (Lieu will face the top vote-getter, a Republican, in the general election.) He has campaigned on issues like raising the minimum wage, protecting the social safety net and keeping student loan interest rates low.

U.S. Rep. Mike Honda (D), also of California, defeated fellow Democrat Ro Khanna, a favorite of the tech industry, in the state’s open primary. Honda took 49 percent of the vote to Khanna’s 27 percent. Because they were the two top vote-getters, they’ll face off again in the general election. Honda was endorsed by the Progressive Change Campaign Committee (PCCC).

GAME POLITICS: PCCC Video Compares Net Neutrality Proposal to ‘Laggy Video Games’

The Progressive Change Campaign Committee has released a new video comparing the Federal Communications Commission’s new plans for Internet “fast lanes” to “the laggiest game you’ve ever played.” The video, made by animation firm Pixel Valley Studio, delivers the liberal group’s call for members (and the Internet community at large) to sign a petition urging the FCC to reclassify the Internet as a public utility like telephone service.

Doing so would allow the agency to use Title II of the Telecommunications Act to regulate the sector. Without that reclassification, the agency has no authority over broadband providers – according to the Appeal Court ruling in Verizon v. FCC. In that case Verizon won because a panel of judges determined that the FCC has no authority under the law.

The Progressive Change Campaign Committee has been protesting FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler’s current plans for net neutrality rules through the website, which debuted earlier this month. They highlight the promise President Obama made during his 2008 campaign that he would only support FCC commissioners who believed in the concept, which calls for all traffic to be treated equally online.

WASHINGTON POST: PCCC Pressures McCaskill on Campaign Finance Reform

A NEW TARGET FOR THE LEFT: It’s Senator Claire McCaskill, who claims the problem is not that billionaires are buying elections, but that so much of the money is secret. The Progressive Change Campaign Committee today will email 12,000 members in Missouri and urge them to pressure McCaskill to reaffirm her support for public campaign finance reform.

If the only problem is that the money is secret, that would appear to mean there is no problem with unlimited donations, if they are accompanied with full disclosure — a position held by many Republicans.

WASHINGTON POST: California Endorsements by PCCC Worth Watching

The Progressive Change Campaign Committee is endorsing three House Democratic candidates on the grounds that they support expanding Social Security and are taking on Dems who would cut it, a sign of the left’s determination to make the idea of a Social Security expansion into a key intraparty issue.

US ELECTION WATCH: PCCC Endorses in 3 CA House Races

PCCC is backing Reps. Mike Honda (CA-17), Eloise Gomez Reyes (CA-31) and Mike Eggman (CA-10) over rival candidates who have backed cutting social security benefits.

“In 2014, we’re making clear that the Elizabeth Warren wing of the Democratic Party is ascendant — and that candidates who support expanding Social Security benefits will defeat candidates who would cut Social Security,” wrote PCCC Press Secretary Laura Friedenbach in an email.

“We’re proud to support these bold progressive champs against their conservative Democrat and Tea Party opponents.”

PORTLAND PRESS HERALD: Senate Candidate Bellows and PCCC Join Students, Grads for Event at Bowdoin

Senate candidate Shenna Bellows, Progressive Change Campaign Committee members, students and working graduates will hold an event at noon Thursday to call on Republican Sen. Susan Collins to support Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s new student loan bill. The bill, introduced Tuesday, gives existing loan holders lower rates.

The PCCC is partnering with senators and Senate candidates nationwide to organize grassroots events calling on Republicans to support Warren’s new economic-populist proposal. Other events are being held today in Portland, Oregon, Minneapolis, and Lexington, Kentucky.

BGR: Sen. Franken spearheads a major campaign to save net neutrality

In addition to taking a leading role in trying to kill the Comcast-Time Warner Cable merger, Senator Al Franken is also now leading a campaign to stop the Federal Communications Commission from letting ISPs create Internet “fast lanes” with its latest net neutrality proposal. In a new video posted by the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, Franken makes his case that the FCC’s controversial plan could hinder future innovation and consumer choice by giving big incumbent companies a permanent competitive advantage over up-and-coming startups.

ROLL CALL: Net Neutrality, Al Franken Style

The Democratic senator from Minnesota spells out his view of net neutrality: “Google TV wasn’t that great … YouTube was better than Google TV, and because both traveled at the same speed to the viewer, people were able to make a choice between the two.” He adds later that net neutrality “is the free-speech issue of our time.”

Behind the video is, a site backed by the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, which was founded by two former MoveOn organizers.

FUSION: PCCC Holds Obama’s FCC to 2007 Net Neutrality Promise

While he was on campaign for the presidency in 2007, President Barack Obama took to the MTV airwaves to answer questions that concerned the youth of America. According to an Internet poll the channel had going at the time, the biggest question on people’s minds was a question on a topic that remains relevant now more than ever: net neutrality.

“Would you make it a priority in your first year in office to reinstate net neutrality as the law of the land?” Joe Niedenberger, a small business owner from New Jersey, asked Senator Obama. “And would you pledge to only appoint FCC commissioners that support open internet principles like net neutrality?“

“The answer is yes. I am a strong supporter of net neutrality,” candidate Obama responded. “As President, I am going to make sure that my FCC commissioners are applying [those principles] as we move forward.”

The above video was posted this morning by the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, a political action committee (PAC) that is calling for current FCC chairman Tom Wheeler to step down “so that the president can appoint someone who will stand up for Internet freedom.”

THE HAWAII INDEPENDENT: Stanley Chang comes out for progressive taxes

Stanley Chang spoke today on the need for millionaires to carry a higher tax burden.

We recently introduced our platform: the Agenda for Change, which calls for bold progressive policy solutions such as job creation through government investments in infrastructure, free college education in exchange for service, and universal public pre-kindergarten. None of these programs would be possible without an equitable tax system in which everybody contributes his or her fair share.

The call was organized by Progressive Change Campaign Committee, a progressive political action committee.

LA TIMES: Gomez Reyes Calls for Millionaire’s Tax with PCCC

Colton attorney Eloise Gomez Reyes joined a nationwide call of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee for requiring wealthy individuals and corporations to pay higher taxes to provide more money for schools and such services as Social Security and Medicare.

Reyes said she would “ask the wealthy and big corporations to pay their fair share.

MSNBC: Supreme Court strikes down another key campaign finance pillar

The Supreme Court has struck down a key remaining pillar of campaign finance law, handing a big victory to the Republican Party. And now there’s concern the court could soon go even further.

The reaction to the ruling from progressives was swift. “The Roberts Court has doubled down on Citizens United – striking down some of the last remaining limits on how much wealthy donors can spend on elections,” said the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, as it launched an online ad denouncing the ruling. “With those limits gone, it will be even harder for everyday people to have their voices heard in Washington.”

DES MOINES REGISTER: Elizabeth Warren, PCCC endorses Iowa’s Bruce Braley for US Senate

Massachusetts U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren this morning endorsed Iowa Democrat Bruce Braley, saying he’s a prairie populists from the heartland running to fill an open seat that Democrats need to hold power in the U.S. Senate.

She also gave the nod to Democratic candidate Rick Weiland in South Dakota.

“The Progressive Change Campaign Committee and I are proud to support their campaigns,” Warren said in a written statement emailed to supporters and reporters. “Bruce Braley led the Populist Caucus in the House of Representatives – and is focused on economic fairness, investing in education, and addressing our retirement crisis.”

WASHINGTON POST: Elizabeth Warren, PCCC endorses Braley, Weiland in key Senate races

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) is putting her liberal star power behind two likely Democratic nominees for U.S. Senate: Rep. Bruce Braley (D-Iowa) and South Dakota Democrat Rick Weiland.

“Bruce Braley led the Populist Caucus in the House of Representatives – and is focused on economic fairness, investing in education, and addressing our retirement crisis,” Warren wrote in a fundraising e-mail sent out Thursday in conjunction with the Progressive Change Campaign Committee. “Rick led South Dakota’s AARP and federal emergency management in his state, and he worked as a top Senate aide.”

CNN POLITICAL TICKER: Elizabeth Warren, PCCC back Braley in Iowa and Weiland in South Dakota for Senate

Populist darling Elizabeth Warren, along with the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, threw their support Thursday behind Bruce Braley in the race for an open U.S. Senate seat in Iowa.

Braley, a four-term congressman is hoping to keep the seat longtime Democratic Sen. Tom Harkin, who’s retiring at the end of this year, in party hands.

Warren, a freshman senator from Massachusetts, and the progressive group also announced they are backing Rick Weiland in his candidacy for an open U.S. Senate seat in South Dakota.

ASSOCIATED PRESS: Progressive Group Endorses Schatz for US Senate in Hawaii, Praises Social Security Support

A progressive group based in Washington has endorsed U.S. Sen. Brian Schatz in his U.S. Senate race in Hawaii.

The Progressive Change Campaign Committee said Tuesday Schatz was one of the first lawmakers to support expanding social security benefits.

Co-founders of the group say they are impressed by Schatz’ leadership on climate issues and his ability to think strategically and plan effectively. They are visiting Hawaii to train organizers and endorse Schatz.

MSNBC: Kentucky attorney general won’t appeal gay marriage ruling

With surging Obamacare enrollments, dismal polling numbers for the Senate’s top Republican, and now, an attorney general who won’t fight to keep a key part of Kentucky’s same-sex marriage ban, it’s worth asking the question: Is the Bluegrass State bluer than we all thought?…

Taken together, progressives are confident these signs point to a potential political shift on the horizon.

“From social issues like marriage equality to economic populism issues like increasing Social Security benefits, a populist agenda is popular even in a perceived red state like Kentucky,” said Laura Friedenbach, spokesperson for the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, in an email to msnbc. “That’s great news for Democrats, and means we should stay on offense instead of worrying about defense.”

CNN: Democrat hopes for big upset in Maine Senate race

National Democrats are focusing on states like Kentucky and Georgia to fend off a furious effort by Republicans to retake the Senate.

But Shenna Bellows thinks Maine may hold upset potential for her party, so much so that she’s running and having some success recently with fundraising…

Following her strong fundraising quarter, the Progressive Change Campaign Committee endorsed her candidacy, calling her the “Elizabeth Warren of civil liberties.”

BUSINESS INSIDER: How Liberals Killed the ‘Grand Bargain’

The “Grand Bargain” — the mythical agreement between Democrats and Republicans to cut entitlement spending — has died…

A lot of the credit, people on and off the hill say, goes to outside progressive groups who began the momentum against the “”chained CPI”" cost-of-living adjustment, which cuts Social Security benefits by recalculating the growth of benefits with an index that doesn’t rise as quickly as inflation…

The Progressive Change Campaign Committee was one group that put the Social Security cuts at the forefront of its advocacy. And in July, it led a big strategic shift that would keep swinging the conversation — it decided to “”stop playing defense”" and go on offense, leading the push to expand Social Security benefits.
It rallied in support of bills to strengthen Social Security benefits. One such proposal was a bill from the liberal Sens. Harkin and Brown, which would increase benefits by undoing the cap on payroll taxes at $113,700…

“This is a huge progressive victory — and greatly increases Democratic chances of taking back the House and keeping the Senate,”" PCCC co-founder Stephanie Taylor said after Obama announced he was dropping the cuts from his budget on Thursday. “”Now, the White House should join Elizabeth Warren and others in pushing to expand Social Security benefits to keep up with the rising cost of living.”

POLITICO: Liberals urge ‘no’ on Obama judge pick

President Barack Obama’s facing more opposition to one of his judicial nominees — this time from the left.
A coalition of 27 groups — including NARAL Pro-Choice America, Human Rights Campaign, MoveOn, Democracy for America, the National Organization for Women and the Progressive Change Campaign Committee — is urging the Judiciary Committee to reject the nomination of Michael Boggs, a state court of appeals judge in Georgia whom Obama has nominated to the U.S. district court there.

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