A stopgap bill that would have temporarily prevented the rate on Stafford student loans from doubling failed to advance yesterday in the U.S. Senate, despite enjoying the support of a majority of senators.

Fifty-two Democrats were ready to support a motion to proceed on S. 1238 (the Keep Student Loans Affordable Act of 2013) but the motion failed due to a Republican-led filibuster, leaving the bill in limbo.

Republicans are blaming Democrats for this failure, and the media is going along with it. If Congress doesn’t act, students will face thousands of dollars more in loans — dollars they can’t afford.

As Senator Elizabeth Warren said on Monday, “The Republican solution to higher interest rates is to make students pay even more…. We [Congress] shouldna��t treat our students like a profit center.”

That’s why the PCCC has joined with over 1,000 professors across the country in sending a letter telling Congress: pass Senator Warrena��s bill to let students borrow at the same low interest rates as the banks.

Our ad for the Chronicle. Note: Final version subject to change.

Our ad for the Chronicle. Note: Final version subject to change.

We will thrust professorsa�� voices into this debate at a key moment by publishing the letter in the Chronicle of Higher Education.

The Chronicle is the top education publication in the country, and senators and their staffers will see the ad.

We’re also informing the media in their home states of how many local professors have signed on.

Click here to see the professors’ letter and chip in $3 to help cover the cost of the ad.