Shenna Bellows

Shenna Bellows

Maine - U.S. Senate

Huffington Post reports Shenna Bellow raised more money than Republican Sen. Susan Collins last quarter!

Shenna Bellows is former Executive Director of the Maine ACLU and played a leading role in Maine’s marriage equality fight.

We call Shenna Bellows the “Elizabeth Warren of civil liberties” because she’s campaigning boldly for U.S. Senate on constitutional freedom and economic populism.

We’re proud to endorse Shenna Bellows.

This is a real David vs. Goliath race.

Some thought Senator Collins was unbeatable — until now. The political establishment is realizing that an insurgent progressive could defeat Maine’s Republican senator!

Shenna believes in repealing the Patriot Act, expanding Social Security, addressing climate change, and holding Wall Street accountable.

Susan Collins has voted against veterans, against seniors, and against strong Wall Street reform. She’s no champion for civil liberties. And she just came out against the president’s proposal to raise the minimum wage.

Shenna has huge grassroots momentum! She raised a whopping $331,454 in just over 2 months. Over 80% of contributions were $100 or less!

Can you add to her grassroots momentum? Donate $3 to elect Shenna Bellows to the U.S. Senate.

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