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Brad Miller

BLUE NC: Progressive Change Campaign Committee polling NC members about drafting Miller

The Progressive Change Campaign Committee has started an online poll asking NC’ians what they think regarding a run by Rep. Brad Miller (D-13) for Governor.

HUFFINGTON POST: Brad Miller Urged To Run For Governor By Progressive Change Campaign Committee members

Shortly after Miller’s announcement, the Progressive Change Campaign Committee sent an email to all of its members in North Carolina asking them if Miller should run for governor, while highlighting his congressional efforts to protect consumers from banking abuses. So far, over 97 percent of respondents have urged Miller to run for governor, according to PCCC spokesman Neil Sroka.

“Brad Miller authored the bill in Congress that would break up the big Wall Street banks and prevent future bailouts,” the PCCC email to members reads. “He also fought to make it easier for North Carolinians to ‘move our money’ from big banks that gamble away our money to smaller community banks.”

HUFF POST: PCCC makes Rep. Brad Miller reelection a top priority, raises $10k

The first major test of the activist progressive fundraising machine for the 2012 elections is developing in North Carolina, where a Republican-engineered redistricting plan will likely pit Democratic Reps. Brad Miller and David Price against each other… Few progressive fundraisers are eager to publicly criticize Price. But the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, an influential liberal grassroots organization, has made Miller’s reelection a top priority for 2012, raising over $10,000 for him thus far… “Re-electing Reps. Brad Miller and Donna Edwards (D-Md.) will be a top progressive priority of 2012. Like Elizabeth Warren, Brad Miller is a bold fighter for holding Wall Street accountable, and in this era of Occupy Wall Street ascendency we absolutely cannot afford to lose his voice in Congress,” said PCCC co-founder Adam Green.