Al Jazeera’s buyout of progressive channel Current TV has sent shockwaves around the world, and many are anticipating the launch of Al Jazeera English U.S., the resulting merged channel.

But following theAi??announcementAi??of the buyout, TimeWarner Cable announced that it will abruptly be dropping Current TV, which would deny millions of customers the access to this new channel that promises to give “voice to the voiceless.”

This move will prevent many Americans from being exposed to the progressive views of Current TV anchors and the award-winning coverage of global affairs that Al Jazeera has pioneered.

But while Time Warner doesn’t think its customers need access to this important knowledge, it does continue to offer dozens of channels dealing with pornography, high-end shopping, and other less-informative networks:

Porn: If you’re a Time Warner customer, you’ll have access to the television channels run by Hustler, Playboy and Penthouse (and the high definition versions). Who needs the Arab Spring when you have Hugh Hefner?
High-end Shopping: The “Gem Shopping Network” will continue to be offered, Ai??and for those who don’t like that, there’s Shop Zeal 1-5.
Movie Trailers: Time Warner doesn’t want to give space to Al Jazeera English U.S., but it will offer “Movie Trailers On Demand.” Yes, an entire channel dedicated to airing movie trailers.

You don’t have to wait for your cable or satellite company to decide that you don’t need to be informed. Go here to use Al Jazeera’s tool to demand to your television provider that they carry their network.