by Kayla Wingbermuehle

Prior to becoming a Fellow with the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, I was the Field Director for Lori Saldanaa��s campaign for Californiaa��s 52nd Congressional District.A� Throughout the election, the PCCC offered invaluable advice on how to run a true grassroots people-powered campaign.A� With their support and guidance, we were able to bring our race to a statistical dead-heata��after being outspent 5 A? to 1.

I am a fellow at the PCCC because I want to help Progressive candidates understand how to fully utilize every resource they have available so the voices of 99% of Americans isna��t bought and paid for by the 1%.A� Ita��s about working harder and smarter than the competition so we get true, bold Progressives elected to office to fight for the issues that affect the lives of working-class Americans.

If you believe that the only way to achieve true reform in this country is to start by taking our democracy back from special interests, corporate greed and the wealthy few, then consider becoming a fellow with the PCCC.A� We need a new generation of leaders who will stand up to right-wing extremists and fight for the middle class.A� We need true progressive leadership to guide our nation, and we need YOU to make it happen.

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