Alan Simpson

Earlier this week, former senator and corporate lobbyist Alan Simpson and banking mogul Erskine Bowles, the authors of a plan to cut Social Security and gut programs for the poorest Americans, took out an ad attacking bold progressive congressional candidate Annie Kuster.

Last night, we got a look into the mind of Simpson during a forum held at Harvard University. During the panel, Simpson went off on the critics of his plan to cut Social Security:

SIMPSON: I get so damn sick and tired of listening to the little guy, the vulnerable, the veteran — I am a veteran, and the seniors and this and this and this and the meanwhile this country is headed for second-class status while everybody just babblesA�into the vapor.

Watch Simpson’s rant:


Simpson might be sick of listening to “the little guy,” veterans, and the vulnerable, but Annie Kuster is not. Click here to chip in a few dollars to defend her from Simpson’s attacks.