We’ve just released a new video featuring a group of celebrities and political icons who want you to vote for Elizabeth Warren.

“I believe she’ll stand up for the working person, the everyday person, the people who have been taken advantage of by the system,” says Ben Affleck in the video. “I love Elizabeth Warren…She cares about people. Not corporations ‘people.’ People people,” says comedian Sarah Silverman.

“I support Elizabeth warren because she works tirelessly for the people,” says Daily Show co-creator Lizz Winstead. “She understands that economic issues and women’s issues are one in the same.”

Former Massachusetts governor Michael Dukakis has this to say about if her opponent Sen. Scott Brown (R) wins: “Karl Rove will be running the Senate of the United States. That’s the last thing in the world we need.”

“I know that she’ll work so hard, day in and day out in the Senate, on behalf of working families,” says Progressive Change Campaign Committee co-founder Stephanie Taylor.

Watch it yourself:

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