Call on New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn to bring a paid sick days bill to a vote.

Emilio Palaguachi was an employee at a New York City until very recently. He worked 60 hours a week, but his workplace had no sick leave policy. So when he fell ill with the flu, Palaguachi he got the permission of his manager to take the day off to see a doctor. Yet he was still fired.

a�?They didna��t give me any explanation,a�? Palaguachi was quoted telling a local paper through a translator. a�?I asked if I had done something wrong and nobody knew what to say. Actually, everyone [co-workers] was upset because of how I was fired.a�?

The United States is one of the few countries that does not guarantee paid sick days to its employees. In New York City, progressives, with the help of Palaguachi,A�are campaigning to change this within their own community.