Thank Wendy Davis

Here’s a snippet from an email from Laura Davila, PCCC web developer and Texan, who joined the citizen filibuster of Senate Bill 5 in Texas this past week. Laura explains why she joined the filibuster and asks you to support Texas State Senator Wendy Davis, who waged a 13-hour talking filibuster on the issue:

My name is Laura and I am the PCCC’s web developer and a proud Texan. This week I was part of something I never expected to see in my home state.

Hundreds of us took action against anti-choice legislation by occupying the Capitol and standing with Senator Wendy Davis over 10 hours of filibuster.

Together, we stopped one of the most restrictive abortion bills in the country — a bill that would have effectively shut down all but 5 of the 47 abortion clinics in Texas.

Wendy Davis is nothing short of a hero to Texas women today.A�She deserves our support.

Can you thank Wendy Davis by donating $3 to her Senate race? Click here to donate.

I was lucky to watch Wendy Davis begin her filibuster in the Senate gallery. When Republicans used procedural tactics to shut down her filibuster, those of us in the gallery cheered and chanted so loud that Republicans were unable to organize the vote in time and missed themidnightA�deadline by a mere 2 minutes.

Last night’s victory was an astonishing moment in Texas history, proving that if our representatives stand up and show bold leadership, we will help carry them to victory. But, as Representative Sefronia Thompson reminded us during the home stretch last night, “Our work has just begun.”

Let’s keep the momentum going and show Republicans that “women will not be bullied” anymore.A�Stand with me in supporting Sen. Wendy Davis in her next race.A�

In solidarity,

— Laura Davila,A�PCCC web developer and proud Texan