Elizabeth Warren

Massachusetts - U.S. Senate

Elizabeth Warren demonstrated her fighting spirit by successfully creating a Consumer Protection Agency as part of 2009′s financial reform bill — and beating back an army of Wall Street lobbyists standing in her way to do it. [more]

Pramila Jayapal

Washington -- 7th District

Pramila’s a state senator who spent the last 25 years as a Seattle organizer and activist. [more]

Jamie Raskin

Maryland -- 8th District

Jamie Raskin (MD-8) has a progressive record as Maryland's Senate Democratic Whip. Jamie led the fight in the Maryland Senate for marriage equality, ending the death penalty, passing criminal justice reform, and opposing corporate spending in political campaigns. [more]

Angie Craig

Minnesota -- 2nd District

Angie Craig is new to running for political office. She’s committed to making debt-free college a top priority, and protecting unions and the right to organize. [more]

Zephyr Teachout

NEW YORK — 19th District

Zephyr Teachout is an activist, lawyer, anti-corruption crusader, and nationally-known “Warren wing” rising star. [more]

Mike Honda

California -- 17th District

Mike Honda has dedicated his life to public service, first heeding President Kennedy's call to join the Peace Corps. Mike will continue to stand up for economic justice and fairness for all Americans. [more]

Rick Nolan

Minnesota - 8th District

Rick Nolan is a small business owner, champion of the middle class, and one of the most effective members of Congress. [more]

Carol Shea-Porter

New Hampshire - 1st District

Carol Shea-Porter was the first woman elected to federal office in NH. She has never accepted corporate PAC or DC lobbyist money, and has spent her professional life serving others. [more]

Colin Van Ostern

New Hampshire -- Governor

Colin Van Ostern is a progressive champion for debt-free college and access to women’s health in New Hampshire, and will continue moving the Granite State forward as its next governor. [more]

Nanette Barragán

California -- 44th District

Nanette Barragán has dedicated her career to public service, and is running for Congress to ensure that every student has access to a debt-free education, expand Social Security and Medicare, and create a public option to guarantee everyone can obtain quality health insurance. [more]

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